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Birding Adventures TV [April, 2012]
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Destination of the Month
Xigera Camp
Xigera Camp is situated in the Moremi Game Reserve right in the heart of the pristine Okavango Delta.  This magnificent luxury tented camp is one of the best places to view the majestic and rare Pel's Fishing Owl, along with a wide range of other wildlife including leopard, crocs, hippos and more.
Xigera room
Xigera Camp consists of ten luxuriously furnished tented rooms - each with en-suite facilities and an outdoor shower. Raised on wooden platforms and walkways, each tent offers superb views of the seasonal Okavango Delta floodplains and the lagoon. The feeling of living in the midst of a riverine forest is one of the features of Xigera Camp.

Permanent water year-round allows an unparalleled variety of activities such as mokoro trips, game drives and motorboat outings. Xigera Camp is the only camp in the area - ensuring total privacy.
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Product of the Month
Nikon EDG VR 85 mm Scope
Nikon has revolutionized spotting scopes with the new Nikon VR (Vibration Reduction) line of field scopes. Now birding in the wind, from a vehicle or from a boat is an absolute pleasure! Combined with the FSA adapter and a Nikon camera, this scope can now take excellent HD video and images without the hassle of vibration and irritating shakes.

In fact we are very proud to announce that all bird footage on Nikon's BATV is now filmed through the Nikon EDG scope with the FSA adaptor and a Nikon Camera. The HD quality of the video is unbelievable for an equivalent 1750 mm zoom!

Available in either straight or angled options, the new VR scopes will change the way we look at birds. If its good enough for TV its good enough for you!

As Season 4 of Nikon's BATV enters quarter 2 on NBC SportsNetwork, we are excited to bring you news of our upcoming shows. From the Space Coast of Florida to the Gulf Coast of Texas and from Colombia to Botswana, Nikon's BATV takes you on a birding safari around the world. This week marks the start of our awesome 4-part series on Botswana.

Okavango Delta
The Okavango Delta from the air

For more information on the Botswana shows and the remainder of our season on NBC, please see below.

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In Feb/March, Nikon's BATV traveled to Botswana to film four episodes on the birds of Botswana. We were escorted through several parts of the country by Dawson Ramsden of the Botswana Tourism Organization, reveling in the great people and good food of Botswana while staying in fantastic lodges and camps along the way.

In our four-part series, which started airing last week, James takes viewers (hopefully that includes YOU) on a sunset cruise down the Chobe River where you will have the opportunity to see Long-toed Lapwings and African Fish-eagles, hippos bathing, and monitor lizards and Nile Crocodiles.

In show 2 you'll be treated to an intimate view of the famed Okavanga Delta, a watery oasis where the crew managed to film one of the largest and rarest owls, the Pel's Fishing Owl. Here, you'll also see footage of one of the delta's specialty birds - the beautiful Slaty Egret.

In show 3 the crew moves on to Jack's Camp at Makgadikgadi Pans, which was once the world's largest prehistorical lake, but is now an arid salt pan fringed by grasslands and Mopane thickets. Here, James will introduce you to a variety of wildlife not present in other parts of Botswana, such as Rufous-naped Larks, Burchell's Sandgrouse, Double-banded Coursers and other birds adapted to arid habitats.

Show 4 moves with the crew onto the Moremi Game Reserve in Chitabe, where you'll watch in awe as James and a local expert track leopards through the bush for hours, eventually finding them lying in the shade of a tree feeding on an impala. You'll catch glimpse of birds such as Red-billed Oxpeckers, Egyptian Goose, Bateleurs, Gabar Goshawk, Wattled Cranes and you'll see spectacular mammals in their element, such as tall, ambling giraffes and a pride of eight lions on a kill.

The second of the 4-part series airs TODAY, MONDAY APRIL 30th, at 10.00 am EST on NBC SportsNetwork. This episode will reair at 2.30 pm EST on Tuesday. If you missed the first episode you can catch it again at the times listed in our schedule below.

We are VERY excited about our Botswana series, and hope you'll tune in TODAY or set your TIVOs, and tell your friends.

For travel information on Botswana, please visit the Botswana tourism site. Many thanks to Botswana Tourism Organization for sponsoring these episodes. It was a great honor to work here. 


April 30th 10.00 am EST;
May 1st 2.30 pm EST 
Pel's Fishing Owl, Xigera Camp - Okavango, BOTSWANA

May 7th 10.00 am EST;
May 8th 2.30 pm EST 
Secretarybird,  Jacks Camp - Makgadikgadi Pans, BOTSWANA

May 14th 10.00 am EST; May 16th 3.30 pm EST 
Wattled Cranes, Chitabe - Okavango, BOTSWANA

May 14th 10.00 am EST; May 15th 2.30 pm EST
Barred Owls, Space Coast, Florida, USA

May 28th 10.00 am EST; May 29th 2.30 pm EST 
African Pygmy Geese, Chobe, BOTSWANA

June 4th 10.00 am EST; June 5th 2.30 pm EST 
Pel's Fishing Owl, Xigera Camp - Okavango, BOTSWANA

June 11th 10.00 am EST; June 12th 2.30 pm EST 
Secretarybird, Jacks Camp - Makgadikgadi Pans, BOTSWANA

June 18th 10.00 am EST; June 19th 2.30 pm EST 
Wattled Cranes, Chitabe - Okavango, BOTSWANA
Stay tuned for more adventures in the world of birding. 
Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions at
Happy Birding,

James Currie
Birding Adventures TV 

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