Newsletter - Issue 59
Seasons Greetings to all our wonderful Nikon's BATV fans. Its been a busy year. And we look forward to an even busier year next year as we enter Season 5.
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13 Episode - Season 1 (4 DVD Set) 13 Episode - Season 1 (4 DVD Set)
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From the Everglades and the Texas Gulf Coast to the wetlands of Michigan and the Colorado Rockies, Watching Waders is filled with great information.
Watching Waders
 Watching Waders
Watching Waders

From the South Florida Everglades and the Gulf Coast of Texas - to the freshwater wetlands of Northern Michigan and the Colorado Rockies, "Watching Waders" is filled with intimate footage of events in the lives of some of North America's most beautiful birds. Plus spectacular views of the many and varied wetland habitats where they live.

I strongly recommend "Watching Waders" to everyone with an interest in birds or birding.  It is hard to imagine anyone who would not enjoy this tape strictly for its aesthetics... Much of the footage involves intimate looks at birds courting, mating, nesting, and raising young, treating us to many beautiful views of some gorgeous birds.
Michael Hannisian - written for the New Jersey Audubon Society

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