Newsletter - Issue 59
Seasons Greetings to all our wonderful Nikon's BATV fans. Its been a busy year. And we look forward to an even busier year next year as we enter Season 5.
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Watching Warbers East Watching Warbers East
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A Little Bird Told Me A Little Bird Told Me
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12 Episode - Season 2 (3 DVD Set)
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 12 Episode - Season 2 (3 DVD Set)
12 Episode - Season 2 (3 DVD Set)

Nikon's Birding Adventures TV focuses on destination and adventure bird-watching. Explore the best exotic birding destinations on the planet, highly sought after bird species, amazing cultures and wildlife. BATV portrays a unique blend of information and adventure, making bird-watching refreshing, contemporary, interesting and exciting. The program has a strong conservation emphasis and highlights the importance and urgency of preserving the planetís incredible birdlife. In this series James travels to Australia, Texas, Dominican Republic, Belize, Costa Rica, Florida, Suriname and Portugal to discover such amazing species like Green Jays, Great Green Macaws and Great Bustards. Let's go Birding!
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